Haunted Transylvania 2 2018

Turn your house into a Halloween haunted house party with Haunted Transylvania 2! Sing along and dance all night in this fun Halloween celebration for kids of all ages. Spend some time with the dancing Mummy, do the wave with Frankenstein and jump around with Dracula! I's the Halloween event you do not want to miss!

Belmonte 2018

Federico Veiroj’s fourth feature examines the many, often contradictory layers that make up one’s persona, in this case, a single dad and acclaimed artist who must learn to balance family with creativity.

ROH Death Before Dishonor XV 2017

Death Before Dishonor XV was a professional wrestling event produced by Ring of Honor (ROH), which took place on September 22, 2017 at Sam's Town Live in Las Vegas, NV.

The Conformist 2017

A police informant in a town on the Sino-Russian border finds his double life catching up with him.

The Nth Ward 2017

An engineer with the US Army Corps is sent to New Orleans after the hurricane the assess the damage. Bizarre happenings and disappearances lead her down a path of political deceit and voodoo.

Dual Mania 2019

A psychological suspense thriller dealing with the dual persona a young man possesses and attempts to conceal throughout his ongoing sessions with his therapist.

Le Scandale Clouzot 2017

Despite influencing major contemporary filmmakers (Friedkin, Spielberg), Clouzot remains under-appreciated in France. Peering into his extraordinary life and his works, one discovers an elusive, versatile and inventive man.